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The Milford Track

by Pamela Blalock with (most) photos by John Bayley


Waterfalls are very abundant on this track, even in dry weather. Of course our run dry weather was coming to an end. We started the day with drizzle, and it sprinkled on and off until we reached the end of the track. Just after getting on the boat, the heavens opened.


The end of the track.

Our view of Mitre Peak was through the clouds and rain, and barely recognizable. So I've again left it to the professionals at Craig Potton Publishing. Click on the photo to go to their website to view others and purchase prints or posters.

We spent the night in a backpackers in Milford Sound. Torrential rain bucketed down, and gales blew the waterfalls up. The Craig Potton photo below is well known. It was good to actually see this sort of thing in person, even if we didn't snap a picture.



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