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The Milford Track

by Pamela Blalock with (most) photos by John Bayley


The footing and general difficulty of the track was much more challenging than I had expected for this best known great walk. After the first 6 or so hours, the track changed from a wide smooth one to one with lots of rocks and slips. There were a series of 11 zigzags to get to the top. One had slipped, and the rangers had cut a new track straight up, and included ropes to help pull yourself up!

Day three proved lovely and sunny, and with a new memory card and fresh battery, John got lots of photos.

This cheeky kea swiped a sweet from a trampers pack.

Clouds did start to roll in after midday, but it was still glorious.

Sutherland Falls, with a total drop of 580 metres is the third highest in the world. The sign pointing trampers there, simply says waterfall. Trampers who were disappointed in the lack of rain on this trip could walk behind the falls.


Dumpling Hut was another set of buildings with 4 different bunk rooms with 10 bunks in each, a separate building with the kitchen and a separate toilet block. Yet another really nice hut.


Day 2

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