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Ireland 2011

To Carlow

John's brother, Gordon came by to visit in the morning, so we did not start our ride down to sister Daphne's house until 1:30 in the afternoon. Brother David had mapped out a nice route down that we loaded into the GPS. We took in a few roads that were new to John and followed a very nice rolling route down to Carlow. Funny in all my previous trips, John had insisted we had to go over mountains to get to Carlow. Turns out that isn't the case!

David doesn't have a rack on the bike John was borrowing, and he wouldn't have space in the saddlebag for all of our gear, so I would have to CARRY MY OWN STUFF! I had brought over a large Carradice bag that I mounted and filled with warm clothes.

Photos and commentary by John

I told Pamela this would be an easy, downhill ride...

…but I forgot about the motorway overpass in Kill.

We got a late start and dusk comes early in late November.

Happily, we made it to Moone before the shop selling heavenly biscuit cake closed!

We rode by, but didn't stop to peer at the Moone High Cross in the dark, but it was over yonder.


Riding with Eddie