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Ireland 2011

Pigs and Chocolate

David was working on the west coast, but came to Daphne's for the weekend to pay Pamela back for all the tour-guiding services this summer. He had already made payment with some lovely Rapha jerseys, but then outdid himself with a couple of great routes.

We made our way to Clonegal, where we lunched among stone pigs. We finished up the ride with a visit to the Chocolate Garden.

Brother David rocks!

A great wee boreen!

Clonegal village

Wildlife spotted in Clonegal


Sadly, we didn't have enough time to visit Huntington Castle. Next time...

"I'm telling you, Sha-Roe Bistro is right across the street!"

However, the highly recommended Sha-Roe would not open until later that evening.
Ever resourceful, Dave concocted the cheddar fig-roll culinary creation to fuel the trip home.

Our token sunlight for the day. Quick, where's the sunscreen?

A sphincter testing descent...

...followed by a lung testing ascent.

Next up was a tasty stop at The Chocolate Garden.
We're not sure about the message that eating these figurines would send...


To Carlow