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Oregon 2009

The next morning, we tried for a view on McKenzie Pass again, but had the same luck. In fact it was colder and wetter than the day before!

But the Sisters were making an appearance.

I mentioned Gizmo, our netbook that was so handy for mapping. It was also great for downloading photos. It turned out John had not cleared out his memory card for months. It took the entire time we spent enjoying lunch to offload photos.

But now we had room for more pictures. On our way to Bend, we had some pretty amazing views - and more gravel roads.

It was also darn chilly. We got into Bend and noticed people walking around in Down Parkas. We arrived just as Taste of Bend festival was going on. We found a nice Hotel in the center. As we were showering and doing laundry we could hear music playing. We opened our windows to enjoy a show taking place just a block away. We bundled up and headed down to get a closer look. There was a bit of live music and lots of food. But we didn't have down parkas and we eventually opted for indoor dining. We had remembered a great meal from a previous visit and tried to find the same place. We got the location right, but the restuarant had changed hands, so our meal was OK, but not the culinary delight we had remembered.

An interesting thing about Oregon... the roads labeled scenic have no views! They go through pine forests and you can't see anything. This photo was taken from a road not labeled as scenic! We stayed two nights in Bend, and for our unladen day decided to do a ride out to the Prineville Reservoir. As we looked over our shoulders, the Cascade range was layed out behind us. We could see Mt Bachelor, the three Sisters, Mt Washington, Three Fingered Jack and Mt Jeffereson.

We could even see Mt Hood off in the distance.

This view was with us most of the day. It was breathtaking!