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Oregon 2009

After coming down from the pass, we headed off onto gravel roads again, with our new fat tires, and a fat spare. There was a massive network of gravel roads. We picked a few larger ones. That's Black Butte in the bacground. We road around it later in the day. You'll also notice a lack of panniers. This is our typical touring mode. We ride somewhere and stay for a few nights, exploring unladen, then load up and go for a new destination.

It would also give us several chances to get photos of the Sisters, who still have their heads in the clouds.

Love the local bike racks!

One of the recommended rides was up Three Creeks Road. It's paved most of the way, but does turn to gravel near the lake at the top.

There was still quite a bit of snow, and the thru road was not yet plowed. We climbed over the snow bank to look around.