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We continued up the Molesworth Road, and saw plenty of family cars and campervans along the way. The road is quite corrugated, but the scenery is grand enough for folks to put up with the bumpy ride! We stopped at the gate at Acheron house, and paid our fee to the DOC to pass through the restricted section. We took a quick tour of the house, got some fresh water, and continued on.

It was brutally hot, and there were not many opportunities for shade!

The climb up to Ward's Pass was tough enough. I couldn't get John to run up the hill and pose by the sign!

We camped at the DOC campground at the far end of the restricted part. The campground is pretty basic, with a couple of outhouses, and a water tank. Water was not treated and does still need to be boiled. The fellow from DOC who took money from folks going through offered us treated drinking water. I think he took pity on us with all the motorhomes around. We were the only cycle-tourists that night, and the only tandem he'd seen in several years. Many of the other campers were in motorhomes, but several were also in tents - some of which were quite elaborate.

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