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End of Molesworth


The next 100 km of beautiful scenery and gravel road is public and open all the time, but traffic is still pretty minimal, and there are still no cafés.

We reached Blenheim about 10km after running out of water!

Our final day was along a quiet sealed road back to St. Arnaud. What a difference in speed riding on a sealed road. It was still quite hot, and it was nice to find a single point of civilization along the road. We stopped in a pub for ice cold lemonade and a snack. We later found s shady spot by a stream for lunch, and in the afternoon stopped for a cooling walk in the river.

We haven't been riding as much as we'd have liked, but after 440 km in four days, we are starting to feel like we are getting back into shape. I hope so. We have a 440km in one day coming up very soon.

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