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Queen Charlotte Walkway


We had two wonderful days of perfect weather, so Friday brough the predicted rain. We had passed on a short loop ride near Hopewell, and just planned to take the water shuttle across to Te Mahia. While waiting for the boat, Pamela made a new friend.
Aria was quite a good sport in the rain, although she would have preferred to jump on a trampoline!
After strapping the panniers back onto his bike, Simon noticed Aria's helmet was missing. We rode up to the coffee shop and phoned the hostel to see if they could send the helmet back over on the boat. Aria found a playmate in the form of 18 month old Tyler, and we all enjoyed cappucinos while waiting for the boat to head back over.
We finally got started and I noticed the bike felt a bit wobbly on descents. We stopped to discover our tyre was coming apart at the bead. This has happened several times to us with Continental tyres on the tandem and we have decided not to use them on the tandem anymore. They just don't seem to hold up well to tandem use.

Shortly after we replaced the tyre, it started to clear. The sun even poked out for a little while and we spotted a rainbow. Of course, it did rain again several times throughout the afternoon.

Our mini-tour gave us a great taste of what we can see and do in the Marlborough Sounds and we definitely look forward to more trips in this area.


Day 2 - Afternoon
The End