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Queen Charlotte Walkway


Eventually we made it to the resort and found the restaurant. We ordered up three lattés and a fluffy (a no coffee foamed milk treat for kids). We had bread, beef jerky, cheese, sprouts, and humus, and enjoyed our sandwiches while sitting out on the deck in the warm sunshine. Home-made cookies went great with the coffees. We definitely could have carried less on this trip, since there are restaurants and accommodation along the way. Water Taxis will also transport your gear, so you can even go without panniers. But at this time of year, we didn't want to take chances!
Aria's favourite part was the trampoline. Like my radar in finding coffee, Aria is able to spot trampolines. She found two on this day. If you want to see the face of pure joy, watch Aria on a trampoline!
It was absolutely glorious in the warm sunshine, but we finally had to leave, since our plans were to stay the night in Hopewell, and we had only ridden about 20 km so far.
We packed up and started up the steep path out of the resort, when Simon's chain snapped. Simon came well prepared, with not just a chain tool, but also a spare rear mech and dropouts. Fortunately he only needed to put the chain back together, and made it through the rest of the trip.

We weren't sure what this sign meant at first, but as we rounded the corner and came to a steep descent, we figured out you were to insert your own expletive!

We arrived at the BBH hostel in Hopewell, where Aria sniffed out another trampoline. After great showers, we prepared a pasta meal. We bought wine at the hostel for dinner and ordered a loaf of home-made bread for the morning.



Day 2 - Morning