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California Wine Country



We woke to sunny skies, but clouds rolled in by the time we'd finished breakfast. We decided to risk riding anyway. We planned to combine two of the Velo Adventure loops, heading over to the town of Sonoma, up Cavedale Road to Trinity Grade, and back over Mt Veeder. The descent on Trinity was where John and I fell on the Terrible Two, so psychologically I needed to get through the significant turn upright. Since damp roads had contributed to our fall, I really did not want to do it in the rain. The good news is I made it without incident!

We followed a spectacular route out through rolling hills covered in vineyards as we wound our way into Sonoma, where we stopped at the Sonoma Cheese Factory for coffee and a sandwich. We drank the coffee and had snacks on the premises, but carried the sandwich to have later in the ride.

The clouds got thicker, and a few sprinkles started to fall just as we turned on Mt Veeder road. We considered having lunch at the top, but heavy rain seemed imminent, so we actually carried the sandwich all the way back to the car!