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From Ampus, we headed toward Tourtour, but were distracted by a sign pointing 3 km down a dirt road to an old Roman Bridge. We followed the dirt road a couple of miles, until it deteriorated into a path. We left the bike in some bushes and hiked the rest of the way down. At some point, we started hearing a helicopter buzzing nearby. It came in very close and landed in a field, then took off and landed again several times. We finally relaized we weren't being tracked, but this was someone's flying, or rather, landing lesson. The Ancient Roman bridge seemed to have undergone some modern maintenance, but was still quite nice.

Despite being October, many flowers were still in full bloom.

Tourtour was another lovely town for exploring. It also had a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. We found loads of iron sculture signs, as well as a lovely cafe for the midmorning cappucino.

Every town had a public loo. Most were the typical hole in the floor style. This was by far the fanciest one we saw, complete with tile, hardwood door and trim, and handrails! What luxury!