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Villecroix, Salernes, Entrcasteaux, Cotignac

Tourtour is 300 meters higher than Villecroix. We thoroughly enjoyed the descent, especially the col on the way down! We found lovely gardens in every town, as well as a public water fountain.

The chateau in Entrecasteaux was bought by a retired Scottish artist-diplomat-military officer in 1974. He spent all his money restoring it before his death.


Leaving Entrecasteaux, we found ourselves next to another aqueduct, which was actually in use.

John seems to have filled his bottle with fermented fruit of the vines we continually rode past! During World War I, every soldier had a ration of a litre of wine per day. Many of the vines in Provence were planted to meet this demand!


And when not surrounded by grape vineyards, it was rows of olive trees. We found no data regarding rations of olive oil for soldiers!

While taking a view pictures of olive trees and grape vines, Pamela spotted a mirror in which to check her hair...

Hey, what happened to the bike that was leaning against the wall?

John has left Pamela to her vanity!