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St. Cezaire, Gorges de la Siagne, to Aqueduc Romain


John's primary image of France is one of straight rows of trees. Whenever we see a tree lined road, he immediately thinks of France, and to prove that France is filled with these, he takes pictures of them whenever we encounter them. He seems to think we have no pictures of tree lined roads!

We explored the town of St Ceziare a bit in the morning before heading out. to the Gorges de la Siagne. Notice the grape vine winding up the lamp post.

The morning was a bit chilly and we started out by descending down into the gorge. Notice John's long legged shadow!

The gorge was the site of a large power plant. Normally we try to avoid getting power lines in pictures, but this time we tried to do the opposite, and wouldn't you know, you can't see them!

After climbing back out of the gorge, we headed for a Roman ruin on our map. This was an old Roman aqueduct.