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We started the journey in Nice. We flew in with the tandem packed in 2 S&S cases. We reassembled the bike in the airport parking lot, and left our cases with left luggage at the airport. At precisely the point we were ready to leave a thuderstorm rolled in. We waited it out a while, but it was going to be a long wait. Finally, we donned raingear and headed off into downtown Nice, where we found a hotel, some dinner and some sleep. The next morning, we headed out in search of coffee!

In restrospect, we should have headed across the street from the airport to the Novotel. We likely could have stored our bags there cheaper than at the airport, and could have avoided the first nights rainy ride at rush hour!

We decided to stay another night in Nice. We found another hotel, and left the tandem and did some sightseeing on foot.

We wandered around Vieux Nice for a while admiring old churches and narrow streets.
House of Pain doesn't look like a a place to buy bread to me!

We eventually made our way to Le Chateau, a park at the end of town with fabulous views of the city and seaside.


The view from the balcony of our hotel. They will put a building on any odd shaped piece of land they find!