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Day 9
Roswell, New Mexico to Brownfield, Texas
140 miles, 1300 feet climbing

On the 9th day we rode from Roswell, NM to Brownfield TX. After a short warm-up, we were joined by Lon and Susan on their tandem. This was a real rush as we hammered along climbing hills at 25+ mph. Maybe it was the high speeds that caused us to break the unbreakable fender. Living and riding in New England, we consider fenders an absolute necessity. Unfortunately we haven't been having great luck with them on the tandem lately. We seem to break them regularly. We've gone through three Zefals since February and decided to try some fancy French aluminum fenders. The shop where we purchased these assured us that we wouldn't break them, but here we were, with yet another fender snapped off at the brake bridge. We removed the broken part, strapped it on to the rack and resumed our ride.

Later in the day, we began to notice the really intricate metal signs for all the ranches, and stopped for a few photos as we passed through the town where they are made. Every light post in town was adorned with one of these carvings, and all the businesses had them on display.

That evening as part of our crew duties, John and I headed off to buy 150 two liter bottles of soda. Apparently this is a common occurrence in Brownsfield, Texas, because the cashier didn't so much as bat an eye, or even ask if we were thirsty !