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Day 10
Brownfield, Texas to Aspermont, Texas
129 miles, 1060 feet climbing


Crossing Texas would be easy for those who hated reading cue sheets. We would stay on route 380 for days. Getting to Texas also meant we'd be meeting up with or friend and fellow ultramarathoner, Nick Gerlich. Nick planned to ride out and meet us for lunch and then ride half of the next day as well. John and I traded jobs with Roger, so Roger could ride with Nick after lunch and we could work the snack stops on the caravan. It was a nice change of pace. After manning the first snack stop, we stopped in the town of Post to get some ice, and check out a Texas Main Street town. Later, we got some video footage of riders. We did a little from the side of the road, the side of the van, and even some with John sitting in the back of the van with the tailgate open while riders sprinted up and tried motorpacing until I sped up or slowed down too much for them.

Finding a good spot for the afternoon snack stop was a chore as there's not much shade in this part of Texas and it was hot. The humidity was rising as well. Despite the high numbers, the heat had actually not been terribly unpleasant so far, thanks to the lack of humidity, but that was about to change - dramatically.