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Day 12
Jacksboro, Texas to Greenville, Texas


After 11 days of warm sunny days with tailwinds, it was time to pay. Rain and fierce headwinds, along with lots of big trucks, creating drafts that just tossed riders around mercilessly, made this day a great day to be a crew member. Plummeting temperatures left many riders unprepared and cold. John and I lent out all our rain gear and warm weather gear until it seemed that we had clothes on half of the riders.

About 10 miles before the designated lunch stop, we started looking for a spot with some sort of shelter, but saw nothing. I convinced Gladys to drive a few miles further and we were rewarded for our persistence with an empty outdoor flea market, complete with bathrooms. I knew riders wouldn't mind a few extra miles to lunch in exchange for shelter. John and Gladys figured out how to operate the propane stove and got water started for soup and hot cocoa. We had prepared a great pasta salad for lunch, but it was hardly touched. The soup, on the other hand was a great hit.

Riders had found all sorts of creative ways to deal with the wet messy conditions. Many had gone on shopping sprees, and came in wearing all sorts of assorted garb. Team DQ spent quite a bit of time in a Waffle House, eating everything in sight, and then in a K-Mart maxing out one of the riders credit cards with long underwear purchases. I continued passing out clothing, until I was down to minimal attire, but I could get back in the nice warm van after lunch !