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Day 11
Aspermont, Texas to Jacksboro, Texas
136 miles, 2000 feet climbing


Nick joined us for the first part of Day 11 from Aspermont to Jacksboro. It's kind of depressing to have fresh legs join riders with 10 days of hard riding in their legs. Nick really hammered folks into the ground, but we had a good time despite watching him pull away from all of us. Roger resumed his reserved spot on our wheel as we cruised to the second snack stop, but Lon got us into hammer mode speeding into lunch.

After lunch, we got our first chance to ride with the Myers, the couple most folks referred to as the tandem team in need of a tandem. Mike and Nancy dressed like tandem twins - even off the bike. They rode identical Cannondales and stayed together all the time. We had a great time chatting about tandems (they are interested), brevets and BMB (we had sort of met at BMB in 92). As part of their preparation for this ride they had done three complete series of brevets, since they had three different series within easy driving distances. It was surprising to us that most of the riders we talked to did a lot of their training on their own. Very few rode with a club or found organized longer rides. But the Meyers were an exception.