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Packing our S&S Tandem - taking it all apart

by Pamela Blalock


  • Then unscrew the top cap, the stem and the cable hanger. Grab another ziploc and place the cap, the spacers, the cable hanger and then the headset bearing cap that comes off when you slide out the fork inside this bag - seal it up.

    -Handlebars with stem and handlebar bag mount still attached go in the frame box pile - wrap the stem with the padded stuff and label it.
    -Wipe the grease off the steerer tube. Remove the front wheel. Secure the fork spacer into the dropouts. Put padded stuff on steerer tube and fork blades - cut slots for canti bosses if you have them. Label padding. Lay out an old blanket near the frame box pile and and place the fork there.
    - Remove the front skewer. Place in a ziploc bag.

  • Remove the rear wheel. Remove its skewer and put it in the ziploc with the front wheel. Seal it up and place in the wheel box pile. As mentioned above, if necessary, remove the outside threaded cap and spacer and place in bag with the skewers. Insert rod and/or wheel wheel axle protectors. (If you have disc brakes, things will vary a bit.)

  • Next we remove the rear rack and fender. We have different length bolts and washers for various bits, so I tend to put them back where they belong, but you can also just put all these in a ziploc.

  • At this stage you should have a frame with the captains seatpost and stoker bars. Remove the captain's post, then take the cap off the stoker stem to remove the bars, leaving the stem. Replace the cap and bolts. Place the stoker bars in the frame box pile. Remove captain's seatpost taking extreme care not to scratch John's shiny seatpost. Oh you may not have to worry about that one :-) Wipe grease from the seatpost. Wrap the saddle in the other helmet bag. Put padding on the post and stem.

  • Loosen the couplers the rest of the way. Secure the rear axle spacer into the frame. Wrap all the tubes in the padding, cut to length and label. We have a little bag for our rear derailleur. We remove it from the frame, leaving the cable attached, and secure it to the frame with Velcro. Any loose cables are wound up and secured.