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Italy - Dolomites 2011

Passo Manghen

We did the Gran Fondo Campagnolo in 2004, while staying at the Italian Cycling Center. We had planned to do the full route, but all of the other participants from the center were doing the medium route and there was concern that folks would have to wait a long time for us to finish. In the end, the weather was atrocious and we were the only folks from our group to officially finish. The others were picked up along the route, but had to leave their bikes to be picked up by another vehicle later. In the end, it was a long day for the folks from ICC who had to drive back to pick up the missing bikes. We had long wanted to go back to ride the Passo Manghen that we had missed that day. It is a gorgeous pass and it was great to finally see and ride it.

Domi really was focused on riding the Zoncolan and wanted to beeline east to get there. We decided to split up for a few days, so we could explore a few different passes in the area.

We stayed plenty warm while climbing, but it was quite chilly on top. We bundled up in all our warmers and jackets and headed into the Rifugio for soup. It was here that I discovered I had somehow left my gloves in Bassano. Fortunately we were able to buy new ones later in the day. The descent was twisty and steep and beautiful.

We had decided to do the Passo San Pellegrino the next day, so we stopped in Predazzo. By chance there was a festival going on that night, so we got to watch lots of dancing in the square.