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Italy - Dolomites 2011
Passo San Boldo

The ladies decided to go do the Passo Rolle, while we opted to head out to Passo San Boldo. We had climbed this pass on the Gran Fondo Pinarello a few years back and remembered it being spectacular. Our memories were not wrong. We didn't pick the best route out though. We tried to follow the bike path around Grappa. I would not recommend the path on the east side!

But the road of 100 days is pretty spectacular with hairpin tunnels.

I thought we were headed to Valdobbiadene along the wine route, but John had other ideas, and we climbed and climbed up a tiny little road with New England like surface.

We did at least have a warm fire at lunch - the first of the trip - and well appreciated. Here is Pamela worshipping the fire god!