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Fleche 2010




Yes, I was getting tired. They looked as blurry to me at the time as they do in the photos!


I'm not sure if they believed me when I said we were climbing over the back side of Wachusett Mountain, but then we came out to this view. I told them there was one big climb remaining up Justice Hill and then a lot of descending.

But then we had a sharp little climb partway down the next descent. Norm asked if it was Justice Hill. I definitely said no, but it somehow processed in his brain as yes. He may forgive me someday!

One of the rules of the fleche, is you must have 22 hr checkpoint that is at least 25km from the finish. I had a tough time routing us by a store, without going way out of the way or on less scenic roads. I ended up selected a store near Hudson, not quite the gourmet feast we usually have at 22hrs, but enough to meet the regulation. We'd have a nice meal back at base to make up for it.

Norm has the awesome tattoo on his calf that I watched for a lot of the ride, so I had to include a photo. I've been thinking of something like it for myself, but my calves just aren't big enough to do it justice!

We all had a great time. Brunch the next day at Vicki Lee's in Belmont was great. We showed up with our partners and may have alarmed them a bit as we ate everything in sight. I must work harder to devise a route that takes in more cafe's along the way that are the quality of Vicki Lee's, so we are not so hungry the next day!

I have been inspired with a new team name for next year - 3 Braids and a Beard.

The date is even later in 2011, so it could be even warmer! Planning is underway - devising a scenic route with great cafe's and coffee shops.