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Fleche 2010

Gears, Gals and Guy

I avoided dirt roads at night, but did include one notorious bit of so-called pavement near Tully Lake. The team may forgive me in a year or so. The very rough road came on a descent for good measure. Hey at least we had gears so we could coast!

We had our first two controls at shops, but the nothing was open in Northfield, so we used a postcard. I took a picture with my smart phone that records location and then we also found an ATM, where we got a receipt that ended up being the official control. Good thing, the postcard arrived with a totally illegible postmark about a month later!

We arrived at Brueggers in Bratteboro right at opening time. Since I had refused to send SMS updates to John, Dena did it for me, and John replied to me, so I finally took out my phone for some silliness. We devoured lots of food, as well.


This bridge has featured on all our fleche events.

The first year, we had to carry the bikes over barricades, but now it's an official bike path, and a must do!

How lucky was Norm?? Riding with three lovely ladies.