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Mt Washington 2007

uh oh...

All that hard work... We had installed our brand new tandem rack on Dominique's car, so the tandem could have a comfy ride down. But it was not to be.


When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. Once the race was cancelled die to rain and high winds at the top, we decided it was only fitting to go do Hurricane Mt road. Here's Cristine roaring up to the top.

Dominique smiling away.

John and Pamela happy to be at the top


Pamela happy to be at the bottom!

Next we climbed Evans Notch, and then took the quiet road next to Rt 2 over to Gorham for lunch.


The next day was a Bear. Oh not really, we just climbed Bear Notch.

Cristine was ready for some tandem action.

Did I say lemonade. I meant coffee.

Both Dominique and Cristine tried out the tandem. Now John knows what it feels like when someone on the back pedals!

Mt Equinox