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Hiking the Queen Charlotte

with Pamela, John, Susan Lowery and Maureen Schade


The final day was listed at 8 hours, and we had a water taxi to catch. Unlike the long day before though, these time estimates were very generous. We got through the first 4 hour section in 2 and a half, so then we relaxed a bit and stopped worrying about making the time for the water taxi.

There were several steep ups and downs in the first part, and I definitely decided this would be a challenging mountain bike ride - definitely one for the tandem though, since it handles the steep stuff better (no worry of lifting the front wheel off the ground, or doing an endo!)

John and Susan did a side trip up to a viewing spot, but I was quite content with the magnificent views we'd had already as well as those we got to each side.

Maureen's new boots weren't treating her as well as my new shoes, and she had developed some pretty nasty blisters by the end of the trip. Fortunately she was able to cope quite well, despite how bad they looked.

We easily made the water taxi and upon return to Picton found our missing food.

Our next adventure was to kayak the Abel Tasman.