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Hiking the Queen Charlotte

with Pamela, John, Susan Lowery and Maureen Schade

With another short day, we took things pretty easy. There were a couple of optional side trips, and we decided to start the day with a detour up to a waterfall.

The sun tried to poke through the clouds a few times, and eventually made a valiant effort. But just as we stopped for lunch it seemed to want to rain. We bundled up in jackets and enjoyed the break. Shortly afterwards, the sun finally came through. By the time we reached the Mahana Homestead, it was warm and sunny enough to go for a swim. Well, Susan thought so. We did later borrow kayaks, and it was quite pleasant on the water.

John and I have now stayed at Mahana 3 different times. We first stumbled upon the place last spring, and had a lovely two days, thanks to biblical rain that caused me to refuse to leave the warm cosy fire. We returned with John's mother and sister in November, and then this trip. We will likely make another visit when we cycle the track this autumn. This is my favourite backpackers. The hosts, John and Ann, are just some warm and friendly and make a fabulous meal and dessert.

John is also a wealth of information about the local plants and the track. He told us all about the glow worms located a few feet from the cabin, and gave us tips for the hike the next day.