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by Pamela Blalock


Wednesday is officially a rest day. So headed a few miles north for a remote start, and did a nice easy 60 mile ride with over 5,000 feet of climbing. We started in S'Eglaieta, headed up to Esporles, over toward Valldemossa, down to Deia, along the coast to Soller, over to Col de Soller, to Bunyola, up to Orient, and then back toward Alaro, and eventually S'Eglaieta.

The weather was the best of the week, with sunshine, and finally enough warmth to strip down to tanning clothes!

We stopped for coffee and window shopping in Deia


The best reason for walkable shoes... The toilets are down below via a spiral staircase!

Toilets are usually identified with pictographs, which sometimes take a second look to figure out. These were quite obvious.