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Glad I ordered a short stack

Aren't the spokes supposed to reach the hub?

What happens when drafting someone who decides to turn quickly!

Creative port-a-loo naming!

We had actually stopped in the vacinity for a frozen coffee. We had entered the coffee twilight zone of Washington, where little coffee oasis' simply appeared in the middle of nowhere. They were often tiny little trailers with espresso machines and blenders. We had stopped just shy of lunch to get a frozen espresso drink when I spotted this creatively named port-a-loo.

Old Blewett Pass

This was a rarely used road, littered with rocks and potholes. It had a great view and lots of twists and turns, but was a bit nervewracking for the stoker. I must admit this photo-op was more a request to stop so I could take a breath!



As we headed out for breakfast, we discovered a few other folks at the hotel had their own adventure planned for the day.