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Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood

Descending Mt Hood

The rains started soon after the last rider reached Timberline Lodge, and it continued through the night. We awoke to hear skiers walking across the parking lot and heading up to the ski area. I looked out to see more rain. The temps were still in the 30s. I thought about the descent down MacKenzie and realized our morning of descending was not going to be fun.

Gerry came up with the idea to get a van from the ski school to drive us down. The nice part of the days ride was cancelled and the supported ride would involve a lot of busy roads, including a long stint on the interstate. It didn't take long for me to opt for the sag.

About half the riders did as well. Here is the view from inside the van. That's John Hughes, fearless leader, in the front seat.


The view from inside the van


It looks cold and wet out there

A cruise up the Columbia River


Jon wanted to jump

on the boat bumper, but we decided to take some pictures for later merging. It is left as an exercise for the viewer.