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On the porch in Calpine

Calpine is a tiny little crossroads with a lodge and restaurant. The porch here was great for socializing.


The Lodge at Calpine


On the way up Yuba Pass


Looking out toward Tahoe


Gold Lake Road


Climbing to Greenville


A stoker's view

The view from the back isn't so bad. OK, there is a helmet in the lower field of view, but I really do get to see a lot!


The Road to Mineral Summit

is one of our favorites. It is shaded, narrow and winding and of course, it climbs. The weather was quite brutal for us, having no heat training in New England. It had been brutally hot all day, and we had made more than one stop for frozen coffee along the way.

The hotter it got, the tougher it got, and finally in a fit of desperation, we hollered out, "At least it's not raining." And just to prove correct that this phrase does invoke rain, the heavens began to spit at us. But it was definitely welcome.

The skies cleared as we started this climb, and the road was relatively dry for the descent.


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