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The villages of the Luberon were closed when we arrived, or so it seemed. Maybe it was the rainy dreary weather, combined with most places being closed in October, but it just didn't seem to cheery or inviting. We picked up a bike route than runs from Cavaillon through Apt to Forqualquier. It was quite convenient, since it took us on tiny little roads, and we didn't have to pull the maps out much in the rain!

Why a picture of a dumpster?

Apparently there is a big problem with proper bike disposal!

While John pulled out the camera, Pamela found a croissant!

This tractor is for harvesting grapes. It goes up and down the rows of vines, has something like the brushes on a car wash that batters the vines and shakes loose clumps of grapes (as well as mice and birds!) It seemingly doesn't damage the vines. It was cool to see one in action.