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Le Vaucluse

We left Forqualquier and began to make our way over to Mt. Ventoux. We stopped in Banon for lunch. Our typical lunch was to visit a boulangerie (bakery), patisserie (pastry shop) and maybe an epicerie (grocery store) to buy sweets, breads, cheese, fruit, yogurt and drinks. Then we would either have a picnic on the town common or head off to another hilltop for lunch. In Banon, we stopped into a Charcuterie (deli) for some smelly cheese. We tried a local goat cheese wrapped in chesnut leaves. It was not my favorite, but the shop's logo was!

As we got near Sault, as the eastern end of Mt. Ventoux, we started seeing signs that cyclists had used this road before.

From Sault, we decided to ride through the Gorges de Nesque toward Carpentras. We climbed for a few hundred feet and then descended for almost 30 miles. The views through this Gorge were among the best of the trip, and the easy ride didn't hurt.