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Forqualquier and Montagne de Lure

We found a nice hotel with an FFCT (French Federation of Cyclotourists) sticker in the window. We booked it for two nights, and planned a day ride without panniers up to Montagne de Lure.




We stopped at the ski center just below the summitt for coffee. The top of the mountain was cold, windy and barren. I was bummed their was no elevation sign!

A few hundred meters vertically below the summit, we found a sign! This was out of the wind, and had a lovely view of the Alps to the north. We enjoyed our lunch here. The descent was incredible, one of the twistiest we have ever done. John was in heaven. We saw Grand Prix markings, so cyclists do get to race down it.

Many of the road markers were made from stone. The rust on this one indicates another material.

Look closely, that's a big grasshopper on our camera case. We were stopping to check out this 7th century outhouse!