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Gorges du Verdon

We continued on to more breathtaking views, breathtaking climbs, breathtaking corners, and breathtaking dropoffs. At one point, we saw an Astin Martin, then another and then three more. By the end of the day we had seen 200. Of course we failed to take any pictures, but we did chat with one of the drivers. Apparently the Astin Martin Owners Club were having a trip across France, and about 200 of them were taking part.

We arrived back in La Palud and found this starving little kitten who ate all the cheese we offered. It was all we had left. She was quite taken with John!

The night before, while out walking around, we smelled a wonderful dinner being prepared. We looked at the menu board, and discovered you have to book a day in advance, so we did. The place had 4 or 5 tables, and a fixed menu. It was our best meal of the trip. So if you plan to be in La Palud, check out Le Perroquet Vert.