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Gorges du Verdon

Once at La Palud sur Vedon, we checked into our hotel, left our panniers, and rode the small loop out to view the canyon, 2000 feet below. The sheer walls of the canyon attract loads of rock climbers, and we had great views of some of them in action. .

The road was truly spectacular and quite the engineering feat, possibly built simply to prove they could.

This was a nerve-wracking ride for stoker, Pamela. There were 2000 foot dropoffs on the other side of that 6 inch high wall. We came around one corner and smelled the goats before we saw them. There were actually a dozen more clinging to the side of the mountain over the wall!

We are looking across the canyon here to the road on the other side. Those tiny black dots in the mountain are actually windows in a tunnel on the road on the other side.