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Day 7
Springerville, Arizona to Socorro, New Mexico
157 miles, 3940 feet climbing


The next morning, I quickly learned that Jim likes to push bigger gears than I do, as we headed out to climb over the continental divide for Jim's first ever tandem ride. The scenery again was spectacular and we had a special treat with a rainbow appearing on each side of the road ahead of us.

The racers came zooming by us at around the second snack stop. For a while, they seemed to be taking it easy and we almost caught back up to them on a descent, but then they put the hammer down and tried to hurt each other on the final climbs.

The race ended on a long steep hill that hurt me quite a bit. I could just imagine how it felt to sprint up this thing to the finish line of a race. When we stopped, we heard lots of comments from the racers about how bad it hurt, but John seemed to like it and had a second place to prove it. We quickly moved Jim's pedals back to his own bike, and set the bike back up for John before heading off to lunch.

John and all the other racers talked about taking it easy for the rest of the day, but the race seemed to continue all the way to the motel, as we ended up averaging almost 20 mph for the day.