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Day 23
Orangeburg, South Carolina to Charleston, South Carolina


The final day from Orangeburg to Folly Beach was a blast, despite the steady downpour we faced all day. Susan and Gladys found a great church with a large covered porch for lunch. The hot soup was again a great hit with wet riders. Most riders were so excited to be on the final day of their cross country trek that they hardly noticed the rain anyway.

Karen accomplished a PAC Tour first, by riding her first century ever on PAC Tour. As a crew member, she had been riding partial days every day, and built up the strength and courage to do that first century.

I remember the emotion I felt last year when we reached the coast in Virginia, and I looked around and saw this incredible sense of accomplishment on riders faces as we rode the final miles together. The hike down to the beach was great. Since everyone was already soaked, most simply walked right in. This was the hardest part about crewing for us, missing that great emotional high at the end. We had a fabulous trip, and got in quite a few miles, but didn't quite have that same sense of accomplishment of riding all the way coast to coast. But the gratitude that the riders showed to the crew did help make up for it. I remember last year how it was the positive attitude of the crew that often got me through, and I tried to share that same thing with riders this year. At least I hope I did.

Well, we are doing it again next year, as full time riders again, this time not from coast to coast, but from border to border as we travel through the Rockies from Mexico to Canada on PAC Tour's Ridge of the Rockies. It does seem to be becoming an annual trip for us, and with good reason. Lon and Susan put on a marvelous ride. Maybe we'll see you next time.