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Day 22
Greenwood, South Carolina to Orangeburg, South Carolina


Day 22 from Greenwood to Orangeburg was to include a flat time trial for the final day of racing. John and I were back to work after three days of riding, so we couldn't exactly sneak in another and do the time trial, especially since it finished at lunch. After riding together a little the day before, Muffy and Susan decided to try the time trial on Susan's tandem. Driving along the course we started to wonder exactly what Lon considered flat as the route rolled up and down some pretty steep hills. I couldn't wait to hear the comments from the racers about the flat route. The best came from Mike Rourke, who said that if Lon's sister were as flat as that course that he'd still go out with her !

The weather for this trip had been absolutely amazing, with the exception of that one cold rainy day in Texas. But our good luck wouldn't hold, and a light drizzle started during the race. I had talked with Ray about trying the tandem in the afternoon, and decided to get some use out of my raingear after all. Ray had stoked with Lon, and I'd watched him ride his single long enough to have the confidence to get him on the front and go. He'd started to think about getting a big bike to ride with his wife, and I figured I could help encourage him to take the plunge. We had a great ride. I tried to explain the concept of changing gears to him. He explained to me that in north Georgia, you either change gears constantly or just stand and deal with the constantly changing terrain. He was in the stand and deal with it school. But we got along great anyway.

At the last snack stop of the day, a playful puppy and some killer ants teamed up to chew on my ankle and steal my socks. While I was trying to kill the ants that were feasting on my flesh, I pulled off my socks and the playful little pup took off with them. I eventually got help from all the folks standing around laughing uncontrollably and we rolled out for the end of the day.

Ray not on his big ring!