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Day 16
Helena, Arkansas to Tupelo, Mississippi


One of our reasons for crossing the river was to get a few pedal strokes of riding in Mississippi. The next day was a work day, and we had planned to traded the day after that, a flat day, for a mountainous day later in the trip. But Gladys offered to let us ride to the second snack stop, if we promised to ride really hard. So the next morning we packed up breakfast and hammered off into the sunrise. Much to my surprise, Mississippi had a few hills, but they were great tandem rollers and we just flew along, trying to make good on our promise. We reached the second stop just as the first riders were pulling away, loaded the bike and hopped in the van to head off and set up lunch.

Unfortunately a detour in the route caused us to get lost, and we drove an extra 20 miles on our way to lunch. We eventually got back on course and found a good spot to set up, again getting the food out just as riders rolled in.