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Day 13 - Mitchell, South Dakota to Worthington, Minnesota
137 miles
2240' climbing

Well, we truly were in corn country now. I had been complaining about the lack of trees, or rather cover for pee stops, but finally I had a bathroom everywhere. I started to wonder though, as I made my way out into the field, if it really was private, since everyone who passed said "Hi, Pamela".

After emerging from the field, I was caught by Susan and Debbie on the tandem, and Mike and Roberta keeping them company. Nancy had also joined them and was trying to take it a little easier. She was wearing long sleeves, tights, full fingered gloves, had a white face from the zinc oxide, and frankly was a little scary looking. Fortunately it stayed cool for the next few days, so the extra clothing wasn't too unpleasant for her.

We watched the rain clouds roll in at lunch. We headed out hoping to stay ahead of the storm, but it looked hopeless. I stayed with Susan and Debbie, figuring I was going to get wet one way or another, so why not have company. We had a great time talking about tandems and girl drivers and all the comments we get, and I hardly even noticed the rain. By the time we reached the final snack stop, it had stopped drizzling. Joanne came out to great us with a tray full of snacks looking like a car hop. Susan and Debbie had had enough, and needed to start driving home, so they packed it in for the day. I found Ed Haldeman here and we decided to take the final 30 miles together. Ed tells the best stories and entertained me all the way back. At one point we saw a dead baby fox lying on the side of the road. Ed commented that Rebecca might like the fox tail, and we decided to go back. He took out his pocket knife and cut off the tail, placed it in a plastic baggy and put it in his seat bag. He did say I should remind him not to use that blade on the coffee cake the next morning! I stayed away from coffee cake the rest of the trip!

Rebecca loved the tail. It went along with the "Road Kill" beef jerky she had bought earlier in the day. I guess this road kill thing runs in the family. I told Ed after that, that I could always tell if there was a Haldeman riding in front of me if the road kill was missing "usable" parts.

While riding along, we noticed more dark clouds ahead of us, but they dissipated before we reached them. For once, it was the really fast folks who got drenched, while the more leisurely riders, just got a little damp after lunch.

At the hotel, Ann and I started talking about saddles and saddle sores and I offered to let her use one of my spare Miyatas, in exchange for a pull through Illinois. The Miyata would hopefully help with some of her problems, but it is hard in the back so it might feel a little harsh at first. She decided to try it for a few days to see if it would help.

We did have another heavy storm during dinner, but stayed dry on the walk to and from. It was quite a change from the tornado warning the same hotel received on the June tour.