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Dirt Roads Of Vermont Epic Sojourn

Memorial Day Weekend, 2012

2011 Photos from everyone

Ludlow to Lincoln
Lincoln to Inn (Lincoln Gap)
Lincoln to Inn (App Gap)
Roxbury Loop
Waitsfield to Ludlow

For fans of D2R2 and other long hilly dirt road rides, we present the 4th annual Dirt Roads Of Vermont Epic Sojourn.

Over many years of doing TOSRV-East and other rides in Vermont, John and Pamela have strayed from the official routes and discovered some fabulous hard pack dirt roads in Vermont. In 2008 on Day 1 of TOSRV-East, we managed to completely avoid the official route, ride about 70% dirt roads, while crisscrossing the official route a few times and gaining over 15,000 feet of climbing in the 100 miles. We had some great descents, magnificent views, and fabulously quiet back roads.

If you like to get off the beaten track, love dirt climbs and descents, have a sense of humor when things don't go according to plan and are fully capable of doing the ride *unsupported*, please join us. This will just be a bunch of friends out for a ride. There is no SAG. You gotta get there and back on your own. (insert all necessary legal disclaimers here). Folks are also welcome to come out an join us for part of any ride. The routes are linked at the top of this page.


We are starting at the Stone House on 20 Mile Stream Road. Contact us if you want to stay there Friday night. We will plan to start riding around 8:30AM Saturday from the Stone House. Cars can be left atthye stone house for the weekend. Folks can shower here on Monday.

We are staying at the Inn at Lareau Farm (next to Amrican Flatbread) in Waitsfield for Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend this year. Contact them to stay there.

We will ride north along mostly dirt roads on the west side of Rt 100, making our way to Waitsfeild for Saturday night, taking in lots of breathe-taking sights and descending lots of hills. There are two options atthe end either Lincoln or App Gap. We will take it easy on Sunday, doing a shorter loop. Then Monday, we will head back south along the ridge and down more descents to the east of Rt 100 returning to Ludlow, before we drive home, exhausted.

We may have someone who can carry small bags, but don't count on it, pack light and plan to carry your own stuff.

The Vermont Gazetteer is a great resource. Bring the pages you need. Vermont County Maps can also be purchased from JIMAPCO. Rutland, Addison, Windsor and Washington Counties cover most of where we will be. Another great map is the Northern Cartographic - Lake Champlain bikeways map.


You may or may not know that Vermont dirt roads are a hidden secret that we dare not share with the world. The surface is treated in such a way that the dirt packs down and water runs off, making these roads a delight. The roads are re-graded annually are usually in far better condition than most paved roads in Massachusetts. It is now grading season however, and we have encountered some very freshly graded roads at this time of year. It doesn't take long after the road is graded for cars to pack it back down. John guarantees we will encounter some loose surfaces. Please pack your spirit of adventure and sense of humor with your patch kit. ;-)

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