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Dovedale - Sunday Creek - Tapawera

We had another perfect autumn day, clear and crisp. On previous perfect days, when doing our favourite loop out through Dovedale, we had noticed a few interesting roads in the other direction. So on this perfect day, we decided to go exploring new roads. We packed a lunch and headed out. The sky was absolutely crystal clear, and when John stopped at the Dovedale saddle to take some pictures, I took the chance to check the map again to look at the new roads.

We noticed on the map that Sunday Creek Rd looked very twisty, so we had to check it out.

For good luck it was a public road, and had no Keep Out - Forestry signs! This has become a little frustrating at times. We find a really interesting road on the map, only to discover it is in logging country and we can't go through.


This turned into one of those lazy rides where we stopped frequently for photos and just took the time to appreciate the glorious weather and crystal clear skies.
The Tapawera Railroad - looks like a long journey from one end to the next. I hope Pamela doesn't get run over before she is rescued!


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