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by Pamela Blalock and John Bayley

The nice agent at the tourist desk at the airport booked us a shuttle (capable of carrying all that luggage) a motel, which was a short walk from the centre of the city. One of the handy things about New Zealand is that it is so tourist oriented that almost all accommodation includes a kitchen or access to one - and at a reasonable cost. Of course we were way too tired and and at the same time too excited to cook for ourselves. Also we were only a few blocks from the city centre and loads of restaurants and coffee shops. So we wandered into town the first afternoon and located a few cafes, almost all the bike shops and outdoor shops. Merino wool is one of our reasons for moving here, and we found it in abundance and at great prices. We have so much gear already that we tried to refrain from buying more, but we will soon!

We also needed to sort out some logistics...

We had transferred most of our funds from the house sale to a New Zealand bank, and now just needed to show our faces and passports so we could gain access to it.

We did a bit of investigation of cell phones, and found that while phones here don't come with an outrageous number of free off-peak minutes like the the States, they do have some handy features, like no charge for incoming calls or toll free calls. They also have relatively reasonable rates for overseas calls. So we got ourselves a phone and can now be reached anytime - well anytime we have it on!

We also got a PO Box, so we could get snail mail like our bank statement, and have a place to forward our US mail.

We managed to stay awake through dinner but then collapsed into bed around 8:30.

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