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Come join us for a Betty Ride…

What's a Betty Ride?

Betty Rides are fun social group rides, with a little less testosterone than most other rides…

We are a group of friends who enjoy being on our bikes all day, going from coffee stop to coffee stop.
There is no fee, no frame numbers and no results are sent to the newspaper.
(Although we do post photos here)

We ride in a way that we can talk
We regroup at the top of climbs (yes, we do climbs but only for the views !)
We regroup after descents...
We stop for clothing changes
We stop for mechanical problems and punctures
We stop for lunch, either a café or a bag lunch
We look for new interesting routes
We go for coffee afterwards
Most important though, we have fun!

Yes, guys are welcome. Displays of excessive testosterone will be dealt with appropriately!

Betty Rides start at 10:30 (usually) on Sundays from a variety of cafés. Check here or email for details!

Sunday 12 October - Kafiene, New Street, Nelson

Sunday 21 September - Hop Kiln Tea Room - Arterial!

Sunday 7 Sept - Kafiene
Bob's Fern, Lud Valley, Teal Valley

John and Simon check out the single track at the top of Bob's Fern while the rest of us had lunch.

Trees? What trees?

Pamela must include a shot of her own backside if she is going to post shots of everyone elses!

The road got a bit narrow and gorse covered!

But we had a lovely view!

This stream crossing proved a bit slippery! Cara shows us how it should be done!

Mona Cog rides again!

Run over the cameraman!


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